Here are a selection of videos which have been carefully selected for their healing purposes.

Your Sanctuary

A Meditation By Wendy Stokes.
Narrated By Erica Longdon author: In Pursuit of Perfect Timing


Smiling is infectious, you catch it like the flu

A beautiful, happy poem read and bought to life by Joe Hoare


Your Garden Meditation

Interactive Meditation presented by Anne Yates with words by Wendy Stokes. Do not drive while listening to this meditation.


Weight Loss Hypnosis

This hypnosis is designed to assist you with your weight loss journey.


Healing Meditation

This gentle meditation, written by Wendy Stokes and delivered by Jo Barnard, takes you on a journey of healing where you will tune into the needs of your body, mind and soul, and allow the healing process to begin, with the assistance of your loving guides.


Spirit Guardian

Written by Wendy Stokes, this meditation is to discover if you are clairvoyant, clairalient, clairsentient or claircognisant.
Video created by Spirit of the Dawn


Free Relaxation
& meet your guide meditation

Deep relaxation, meditation and hypnosis video inspired and created for Wendy Stokes.
I hope you enjoy it and get help you deserve from it, made with love and light.