Jacky Ann Blakeway - “sees” herself as ‘An Awakener’

Her twenty year fascination with metaphysics and mysticism has led her to develop and practice many diverse talents in the field of healing arts.
   A practising Psychotherapist, Soul Reader, Mayan Cosmology Coach and published Author, her sensitive approach and positive guidance has assisted countless others on their soul’s journey through life.
   Jacky first began channelling The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light in 1996. Two years ago, whilst ‘guided’ by these fifth dimensional guardians of our solar system, she set out to paint what has become; ‘The Cosmic Awakening Collection’ and her first presentation of visionary art. These are a collection of profoundly original works of art, vibrating with colour and rich in symbolism. Jacky 'sees' the image in her ‘inner vision’ before she is compelled to paint. The finished, uncomplicated and uplifting result, casts a ray of sunshine in an often discordant world.

“Art”, says Jacky “is the heart's ability to convey what it sees and feels”.

The Cosmic Awakening Collection
is now available to purchase

The images are available as hand-mounted prints in three sizes and a colour choice of mounting board. All are personally signed by the artist.

Sizes: 9x11 inches, 14x11 inches & 16x12 inches (designed to fit standard frame sizes)

Coloured mounts available in: ‘Brilliant White’, ‘Cream’, ‘Ivory’ or ‘Dark Blue’

Price List
9x11      £10.00 plus £1.50 p&p
14x11    £11.00 plus £2.00 p&p
16x12    £13.00 plus £2.50 p&p

Please email jackyblakeway@gmail.com with your order

Beautifully presented ‘greetings cards’ are also available for purchase.

These depict a computer-enhanced version of your favourite image from the ‘Cosmic Awakening’ Collection and are left blank for your personal message.

£3.00 inclusive of p&p

Please email jackyblakeway@gmail.com
with your order


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