"Massive response to our request for tutors, Sarah, all thanks to you!! There are some wonderful tutors out there with a wealth of knowledge and experience, whom we hope to have on board with us ..... Thank you Sarah, you are a STAR!!"
Helen Myers, Owner/Director of Body & Soul School of Complementary Therapy

"Health and Happiness is a truly heart-centred publication, run by a dedicated and passionate Lightworker -Sarah - whom we have the absolute pleasure of knowing. We have been collaborating with H&H for over 4 years and it is truly one of the best publications we have ever been involved with. We strongly urge you to join Sarah and this wonderful online magazine, supporting her to spread a wonderful message of inspiration, love and healing into the wider community."
Louise and Jason, DiscoverSerenity Holistic Solutions

"We have been advertising on Health & Happiness for a couple of years now. It was one of the first opportunities we had to build a presence for Hawkwood College on a regular email newsletter to our target audience. The newsletter comes across as vibrant and positive, which matches the vision for Hawkwood, an adult education centre which seeks to promote positive self-development and well being through creative exploration of all kinds. The editor Sarah is helpful, encouraging and pro-active and we feel well looked after. It seems to be good value, too".
Katie Lloyd-Nunn, Development Coordinator Hawkwood College, Stroud

"I have found Sarah extremely helpful in setting me up on the Health & Happiness website. She made it easy and took the strain out of providing literature and was quick and efficient. I could proof read everything at each stage so I knew at all times what was being displayed for my advertisement. I felt in complete control through the whole process and it was reassuring to know I had an expert on hand "working with me. Many thanks Sarah for all your help."
Julie Hepherd, Angel Holistic Training Academy, Solihull

"Great magazine and service. Very friendly people who care and take care."
Christopher Hammond - Principal The Homeopathy College, Birmingham

"I've recently joined the H&H network and advertise on the site and I'm pleased that I have. It feels like the right environment for the work I do; there is always the feeling of love and care in the newsletter and on the website; and I feel that I'm part of a growing community."
Declan Kerr www.moretoyou.co.uk

"I initially read Health & Happiness during its former incarnation as a printed magazine. I thought back then what a well-produced, informative and interesting publication it was. But it has since evolved along with the digital age and spread its wings across the web giving even greater coverage and access to all things holistic. If I am seeking a local therapist, wish to sign up for a new course or am simply looking to read an interesting article or book review, I inevitably look for this wonderful online magazine first - it is a real gem."
Robert Goodwin Dip EH P NLP (BHR) Trance Medium, Author

"I met Sarah and Dion in the early days of Health Happiness when they published an article on the project which was Oh! So close to my heart at that time. Words cannot express the delight in finding kindred spirits who understood and responded to my passion from the first telephone call.
I have watched with pride how the intial magazine has progressed over the years with the launch of Animal Health Happiness magazine recently. What a lovely idea and so typical of them to respond to such a need.
I love how Health & Happiness understand the 'need' that people have to share their beliefs and work with others. That 'need' is lovingly produced in an article or an advertisement whichever way you've found a loyal and trusted friend in Health & Happiness who will welcome you as a friend whenever you need them.
I love the genuine warmth and honesty which shines through the pages. They are filled with personal touches which is rare and refreshing these days. The magazine is like a kind and loyal friend - always received with a genuine feeling of wonderful anticipation of what is to come."
Dianne Pegler www.flyingwithangels.co.uk

"We absolutely love working with Sarah at Health & Happiness - she's a brilliant designer and always creates stunning ad layouts for us at very reasonable prices. We've had lots of very positive feedback about our new logo and marketing stationery that's she's recently redesigned for us. She's always patient and seems to know exactly what we want even if we don't!"
Janette G Pearson - Water Filter Man Ltd

"Health & Happiness brighten up our days, with little snippets of info and invaluable dates of future workshops and events. Punctual and precise, we trust in Health & Happiness."
Daisy Foss, Daisy Centres Healing Retreats, Glastonbury & London

"Just wanted to say that out of all the internet marketing that I am involved with (and other types of advertising), by far your site has brought the most enquiries through to us and I am extremely pleased with this, so well done to you, because whatever and however you are marketing yourselves is working really well for us... your customers!" Kind regards and healthy blessings to you
Susan Gardner
- Wellbeing in the Workplace - Corporate Health and Wellbeing

"I have known Sarah at Health & Happiness for some time now and have found her to be a most helpful supportive and a very sincere friend.The Magazine and website is particularly friendly and one which Iam excited about and promote regularly with enthusiasm to many of my networking colleagues so my way of giving back a little to Sarah."
Anthony Ruben

"I have found Sarah, to be so efficient & very business like in all of her dealings, she is so very helpful and offers such great support, so its a real pleasure to be 'on board' with her, as you feel so looked after, she even reminds you to advertise with her! & keeps you up to date with your own advert, which means that she does not just leave your advert lying there she keeps it alive, which I find extremely helpful, so I find it great to be part of her team."
Lynne Kirwan, Birmingham Astrological Centre