Tarot Tree

Insightful readings for
Personal or Business use

Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

Have the knowledge beforehand to guide you in your business and/or personal life with a Goddess Tarot reading via skype.

Are you soaring like an angel or are you grounded at the moment? A tarot reading can light up your pathway and show you what is ahead. The goddess tarot cards do this in a gentle way, highlighting areas you may need to work on to get you flying high.

Every tarot pack has 4 suits just like a normal pack of playing cards. The four suits in mine are cups, staves, swords and pentacles and are numbered from Ace to 10 with court cards Princess, Prince, Queen and King.This differs in other packs and names are slightly different ... for example cups can be chalices, wands can be batons and pentacles coins or discs, and there are pages, knaves and knights instead of princes and princesses. These suits of cards all have their own meanings.... for instance cups represent emotions and inner feelings, things and people who are close to your heart.



Tarot readings via Skype

Please contact me for more info on annetteryderes@gmail.com for a reading

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I had a personal reading from Annette. I was amazed at how accurate it was. It was reassuring to know that I was on the right path, and gave me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone on one aspect that I had been procrastinating on for some time.
Thank you Annette

Sarah, Birmingham
I had a fantastic reading with Annette in August 2013. I took from it personal and business insights which were very accurate and insightful. I would highly recommend a reading with Annette.
Tracy, Birmingham

I had a reading with Annette many years ago when she lived in the UK and it was obvious she had a gift and a real affinity with the cards and it has doubtless strengthened since then x

Brilliant :)

The THINK series from Casa de Paz

Hi, my name is Annette Ryder and I am the artist behind the THINK series of inspirational cards from Casa de Paz (House of Peace.)

The cards are A5 sized postcards printed on robust 300 gsm card with a glossy finish. They are ideal for framing, for therapists to give to departing clients or as a gift to anyone who needs the message. The introductory price per pack is 4.97GBP plus postage and packing.

The cards are based on the idea that we manifest what we think. We can manifest great and wonderful things with our powerful thoughts. With this in mind I have designed these 3 cards



Here are some ideas of what Love, Peace and Freedom mean to some of my friends.

Freedom is wearing what I want, loving whom I
choose and singing and dancing the way I like.

Peace is lying in the grass looking at the sky knowing nothing disturbing can happen in the next 60 minutes. In this time you can hope, speculate, feel anything you wish. What came before, what will come after doesn't exist. Did it ever?

Love is the harbour of your arms where I find contentment and peace.

You are lucky if you find Freedom and Peace within Love.

If you are interested in knowing more about Casa de Paz products please contact me using one of the following ...

Mobile 0034 649 647 467