October Moon Flow -
Nurturing Relationships


Hello Health & Happiness readers, I'm Cassandra Eve, Whole Woman astrologer and creative facilitator. I'm really inspired to be joining Health & Happiness magazine with a monthly column on the Moon's flow. I hope my offering of universal rhythms will impassion you to explore deeply your role as a universal co-creator.

Everything on Earth is living to the pulse and rhythms of the Universe. Becoming conscious of those natural rhythms, and our part in them as human beings, is one of the keys to self-understanding and fully creative life expression. Astrology is a map-making system for universal flow and rhythm, charting the cycles and energetic patterns of the planets and their effects on the human psyche. We know that the Moon, as the nearest planet to Earth, governs the ocean tides, plant growth and animal body clocks, also our natural rhythms of sleep, menstruation, moods, emotions and cycles of inner growth. Her waxing and waning through each of the twelve zodiac signs over 29 days also signifies the changing modes and flavours available for self expression, and the activation of larger cycles of growth potential available to us. She's a guiding light for a deeply intuitive feeling connection to Life. In exploring her journey we may embody that connection, becoming more intimate with our place in the universe as co-creators.


October Moon Flow – Nurturing Relationships

Hello beloved Health & Happiness readers. In the northern hemisphere we’ve now passed the Equinox point and are moving towards the shortest day. The focus is moving to airy Libra where the sign of the scales takes Virgo’s focus on work and service into connection and action with others. Libra is the sign of co-operation, connecting people and ideas with diplomacy and natural grace. As we would expect with an air sign, Libra is about the world of ideals. Ruled by Venus, she seeks beauty, balance and the highest connection wherever she roams. Although Libra is a cardinal sign of action this sign of the scales is known for its indecision. It’s not that Libra doesn’t act; they just seem to take a long time deciding! When we look at their symbol it’s clear why. Those born of the sign of the scales need to know they’ve examined every possible permutation before moving, so that they make the most harmonious choice. They don’t like to put a foot wrong, especially if it involves other people. Libra season makes way for the deep still waters of Scorpio on 23 October. We don’t see the first Moon involving Scorpio until 4th November though.


This month’s Full Moon is on 5 October at 19.40BST at 12 Aries. With the Sun in Libra and Moon in Aries this is a Full Moon of ‘me’ and ‘us’, exposing and exploring relationships dynamics. It’s a time of gathering understanding about what’s needed to grow connection. Moon ruler Warrior Mars sits with his consort Goddess of Love Venus in Virgo at this Full Moon. This magnetic pairing escalates our desire for intimate connection and highlights the beginning of a new relationship cycle. Mars raw sexuality meets Venus sensuality. Although in Virgo this pair may play it cool, Virgo is an Earth sign so once together their meeting can be highly sensual, deeply loving and loyal. A Yod aspect (aka Finger of God) from mystical Neptune in Pisces and Wisdom Asteroid Pallas Athena in Taurus brings an element of fate to play in relationships right now. The Aries Moon aids fire to the mix. The Sun, Messenger Mercury and Priestess Vesta call relationship communications into another level. Priestess Vesta may bring forth ancient knowledge about the links between spirituality and sexuality. Her devotion to expressing her deep feminine nature, albeit focused on the expression of her individuality, may bless relating with soul-full intimacy where the connection is true. Where the desire to unify surpasses any fear of deep connection this is a potent Full Moon for intimacy and passion. Highlighted signs: Aries, Virgo, Libra


This month’s New Moon emerges at 20.12 BST 19 October at 26 Libra, the sign of balance and co-operation. Often we welcome the annual Libra New Moon as a time of connection and harmony. Ruled by Venus it can be a time of sociability and bonding. This year however the Libran New Moon opposes Great Awakener Uranus in Aries and is quincunx to Rainbow Bridge Chiron in Pisces. With Uranus as the herald of surprises, reactions and rebellion, and Aries the sign of ‘what I want or need’, skilfulness may well be needed in order to sustain connection in the intensity of this Moon. Awareness of staying heart-connected is vital. Having respect for individuality as well as the desire to relate is highlighted as a key to uplifting any challenges. Moon ruler, Goddess of Love Venus in Libra sextile to Earth Mother Ceres in Leo, brings a blessing to nurture relationship growth where there is willingness to connect despite any looming issues. With Messenger Mercury conjunct Blessing-giver Jupiter, newly arrived in Scorpio, deep conversations may be transformative and ultimately rewarding. Highlighted signs: Aries, Libra and Pisces.


With many blessings and love



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