July Moon Flow -
Letting your Heart Lead


Hello Health & Happiness readers, I'm Cassandra Eve, Whole Woman astrologer and creative facilitator. I'm really inspired to be joining Health & Happiness magazine with a monthly column on the Moon's flow. I hope my offering of universal rhythms will impassion you to explore deeply your role as a universal co-creator.

Everything on Earth is living to the pulse and rhythms of the Universe. Becoming conscious of those natural rhythms, and our part in them as human beings, is one of the keys to self-understanding and fully creative life expression. Astrology is a map-making system for universal flow and rhythm, charting the cycles and energetic patterns of the planets and their effects on the human psyche. We know that the Moon, as the nearest planet to Earth, governs the ocean tides, plant growth and animal body clocks, also our natural rhythms of sleep, menstruation, moods, emotions and cycles of inner growth. Her waxing and waning through each of the twelve zodiac signs over 29 days also signifies the changing modes and flavours available for self expression, and the activation of larger cycles of growth potential available to us. She's a guiding light for a deeply intuitive feeling connection to Life. In exploring her journey we may embody that connection, becoming more intimate with our place in the universe as co-creators.



July Moon Flow -

Letting your Heart Lead


Hello beloved Health & Happiness readers. Our Moon flow this month takes us through the Solstice point of the maximum light here in the northern hemisphere, to the Cancer/Capricorn polarity at the Full Moon and into fiery Leo. In the zodiac wheel Cancer’s watery flow of feelings, intuition and capacity for nurture take us into an understanding of what we need to feed our hearts in Leo. The very personal realm of our feeling flow, home and family in Cancer make up the emotional foundation of belonging from which we can express our creative potential in Leo. Leo, ruled by the Sun, is the fire sign of courage, creativity, self-confidence and leadership. It’s where we live centre-stage, creating a life from what’s heart-fully important to us. It’s about being the actor fully engaging in the play of Life. It’s about expressing our hearts.


This month’s Full Moon is on 9th July at 05.06GDT at 17 Capricorn. The Sun in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn point towards how we balance family and work, connection and duty, nurture and responsibility. It’s about how we feel and how we feel about what we must or should do. This is an intense Full Moon with the Moon conjunct Lord of the Underworld Pluto and the Sun in Cancer conjunct Warrior Mars. This suggests a struggle between personal emotional needs and current responsibilities that could escalate into conflict. Capricorn/Cancer are the Father/Mother archetypes of the zodiac so parental or caretaking responsibilities may be the trigger, or unconscious patterning from childhood projected onto current circumstances. It’s good to explore any challenges in the light of “What might I be expecting from another that I may not be providing myself”. Moon ruler Wise Elder Saturn in Sagittarius suggests healthy boundaries are a key point for exploration. His mature energy can point towards the opportunities for change rather than the sticking points of challenge. Whatever is taking place at this Full Moon, conscious connection to your heart energies, and allowing the heart to lead, opens potential for healing and connection beyond any tensions. Highlighted signs: Cancer, Sagittarius and Capricorn


This month’s New Moon is emerging at 10.46GDT on 23 July at 0 Leo. Moon in Leo highlights self-confidence, love and creative power for Leo is the sign of our individual heart expression. It’s the zodiac sign of personal integration playing out in our lives as passion for life, creative and leadership power. The New Moon in Leo brings focus to what we express and how. It’s a time for exploring what your unique creative calling is and giving it a boost. It’s also about giving you a boost; honouring your creative capacity as a human being and letting your light shine bright. Leo is a fire sign ruled by the Sun, so reflects qualities such as confidence, generosity, enthusiasm and loyalty. Being a fixed sign it’s also about strength of purpose and determination. It could be a good time to focus on that new creative project. Don’t get too stuck in though! Leo also rules love and play. With the positive energies of this New Moon it’s time to have some fun and simply enjoy being you. Highlighted signs: Leo


With many blessings and love


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