August Moon Flow -
Are you ready?


Hello Health & Happiness readers, I'm Cassandra Eve, Whole Woman astrologer and creative facilitator. I'm really inspired to be joining Health & Happiness magazine with a monthly column on the Moon's flow. I hope my offering of universal rhythms will impassion you to explore deeply your role as a universal co-creator.

Everything on Earth is living to the pulse and rhythms of the Universe. Becoming conscious of those natural rhythms, and our part in them as human beings, is one of the keys to self-understanding and fully creative life expression. Astrology is a map-making system for universal flow and rhythm, charting the cycles and energetic patterns of the planets and their effects on the human psyche. We know that the Moon, as the nearest planet to Earth, governs the ocean tides, plant growth and animal body clocks, also our natural rhythms of sleep, menstruation, moods, emotions and cycles of inner growth. Her waxing and waning through each of the twelve zodiac signs over 29 days also signifies the changing modes and flavours available for self expression, and the activation of larger cycles of growth potential available to us. She's a guiding light for a deeply intuitive feeling connection to Life. In exploring her journey we may embody that connection, becoming more intimate with our place in the universe as co-creators.


August Moon Flow – Are you Ready?

Hello beloved Health & Happiness readers. Our Moon flow this month brings us to this year’s second set of eclipses and the focus is on fiery Leo with its polarity Aquarius. In the zodiac wheel Leo brings us to an integration of personal growth.
It’s the gathering up of experience from Aries through Cancer and bringing that through our creative expression. Leo, ruled by the Sun, is the fire sign of courage, creativity, self-confidence and leadership. It’s where we create and express our hearts as ‘my life’. With two eclipses, Mercury turning retrograde and a second New Moon in Leo, August is a month of change, with both endings and new beginnings, some of them likely to be dramatic. They’re all about living with a full heart. Mercury retrograde (11 Virgo to 28 Leo) from 12 August to 5 September means it’s unlikely we’ll see the full implications of change until mid September however.

Eclipses bring unexpected energy and sometimes act as butt-kickers where we’ve been asleep to life. The light of the Sun or Moon is briefly eclipsed signifying endings and beginnings, or places light needs to be switched on in our lives. Destiny point, the Moon’s North Node, moved from Virgo into Leo in May heralding a new a two year evolutionary cycle. The eclipse points are activation points in higher consciousness against where we’re comfortable. The Leo/Aquarius axis is about leadership and group dynamics, personal creativity or co-creativity, heart or mind, fun, play and love or platonic relationship. How we live from heart and create real meaning in our personal lives and group connections will be under the spotlight well into 2018.

This month’s Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) is on 7 August at 19.11GDT at 15 Aquarius. The Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius point towards our connection to our self and how that plays out in friendships, group or family dynamics. With Mars conjunct the Sun and Moon’s North Node at this eclipse, our heart is calling for a more authentic heart-centred role within group dynamics. The Moon conjunct its South Node in Aquarius suggests understanding and gathering up what you’ve learnt through friendships and group dynamics in order to create fuel your self-confidence, strength of purpose and creative direction. A Finger of Fate (Yod) aspect focused on the Sun in Leo suggests this is a time of fine-tuning what’s important to you as an individual and your creative heart contribution in life. With the quincunx aspects of the Yod pointing back to Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces, any arising tensions are likely to originate in lack of self-confidence, resistance to necessary change, fear of involvement or hiding your heart. These transpersonal planets are calling us all to step up in creative responsibility, trust and maturity. With the eclipses working as key pointers to where that’s calling in your particular life. Key questions for the Lunar Eclipse: Where are you being called to play your unique part within planetary evolution? Who are your trusty companions on this journey? What step-up in being uniquely you are you being required to take within group dynamics? And where might you need to stand alone? Highlighted signs: Leo, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

This month’s Solar Eclipse is the second New Moon in Leo this year. It emerges at 19.30GDT on 21 August at 28 Leo. Moon in Leo highlights self-confidence, love and creative power for Leo is the sign of our individual heart expression. It’s the zodiac sign of personal integration playing out in our lives as passion for life, creative and leadership power. This second New Moon in Leo brings focus to what we express and how. It’s a dynamic time for recognising your unique creative calling and moving confidently towards next phase growth. A Grand Fire Trine comprising the Solar eclipse with Mars, Great Awakener Uranus in Aries and Wise Elder Saturn in Sagittarius make this a pivotal point for your creative self-confidence and power. Events or circumstances in your life from around February 11th’s eclipse at 22 Leo may well re-emerge at this time. The preparation undergone between then and now is your platform for change. It’s about stepping onto a new stage, fully being your unique self. With Mercury retrograde at the Eclipse point, it may take a few weeks to complete the process. When Mercury stations direct on the eclipse point 28 Leo on 5 September and with the Pisces Full Moon on 6th closing the eclipse portal, the stage is set. It’s time for you as leading lady or man to step into the spotlight of your own creative potential. You’ve been prepared; are you ready?


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