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Through her own life's experiences, and the wisdom and knowledge gained, alongside Sarah's psychic and intuitive abilities, has blossomed the service of mentoring and spiritual counselling sessions, psychic and clairvoyant readings, workshops and gatherings, teachings and writings.

Sarah has done countless readings over the years, and has gained much insight and understanding to the many challenges and lessons life is offering us.

Please send in your questions for where you are seeking wisdom and guidance, it could be related to your spiritual growth, vocation and work, personal growth and creativity.

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July Soul Guidance Questions and Answers

From Pam, aged 47

I would like to know if all will be well with our Spiritual Centre.

A person who we have shown nothing but kindness and given space free of charge for her to sell her goods, has been very underhanded and opened a centre on the same day as ours at the end of each month.

The Angels always look after our centre but I'm just concerned.
If you could help, thank you.

Sarah's Soul Guidance for Pam:

Thank you for your question.

Firstly how kind of you to help this lady, and give her the space and encouragement that has enabled her to recognise capacities and talents she can use to help herself and others. For indeed, isn't that part of our role as leaders, to help inspire and create other leaders?

I think competition is an outdated belief system of world that only gains if others loose out, even though there has been a tough economic climate happening for a while now.

However, I have come to understand and realise that everything is energy, and what is right for one person, may not be right for another. Or indeed, what energy you embody and what soul agreements have already been made will attract what you need to flow your way?

When we give to someone, is there an agenda behind it? Or is it done freely, without condition?

Whatever you feel in terms of this experience, be it you may feel betrayed? Seek to turn it around to a positive of how you helped someone to realise a dream for themselves. That you have the capacity, the skills and created a space that enabled this.

You have many things available, and there are people out there that will be interested in what you have to offer. Set the belief and intention that all that you need will flow with ease and that includes the right clients and customers, contacts and opportunities. If you feel there may be blocks to that - for example an unconscious belief of derservablity, do some process work to help clear that.

I believe the Angels are there working with you, and you are indeed in a blessed grace filled space, and this will help keep bringing and attracting the people to you also.

From a higher perspective you are helping to spread out the goodness for more people to experience, and part of that has come from this lady who is opening her own outlet.

So please Pam recognise the good you have done here, trust that although it can feel competitive, when it comes to the realms of the Divine, we have to learn to trust and surrender, doing the self healing work, and being able to receive all help, but there is also a lesson and understanding in every situation too. I feel you already know that, you are indeed a kind and wise lady.

So sending you best wishes for the future and keep up the good work

Sarah xxx

From Deborah, aged 49

Deborah is a healer, but is currently experiencing many challenges happening all at once. She asks if her new business will take off soon and expand. It seems as though lots of things have happened recently to stand in her way.

Sarah's Soul Guidance for Deborah:

Thank you for your question.

I sense that there have been many challenges over the years, it is just that recently they seem to be coming in thick and fast, with many false starts and stops it seems.

I am being told that you are good healer, but that you have needed to take a step back and be more vigilant with self-care and nurture, as you give a lot to others and sometimes forget yourself in that equation.

So often those in the healing and caring professions have to learn how to do this, and refill the cup of giving to get back into the over-flow, and serve from that place.

I am also being told that some of what you are encountering is a speeding up of the clearing process in readiness for your own work. You are integrating more in the light of that which you hope it will grow and provide for you and your clients.

Where possible keep to receiving regular treatments yourself if you are not already, so that you can be kept in a good flow of energy.

Many of your clients have been through much pain and trauma, and keeping yourself robust and feeling centred will help you in dealing with them. This is also why prayer, intention and working with divine Grace and powerful loving energies are as much needed for your clients, as for you to be supported energetically in the work.

I sense the business will grow steadily, with the option in the future to co-partner with another in a similar field, but offering different modalities. (If this is not already apparent or you have not met this person, then remember to use your discernment when you sense you may have someone potentially in mind, just to make sure it is the right person to co-partner with).

This may mean sharing costs of a workspace and also assisting with advertisements, offers and special events etc...

But in the meantime make sure you are having support and nurture, with the options of exploring more personal and spiritual growth on your journey.

By setting intentions of what it is your heart truly desires and wishes manifest, this will help you also get clear, helping to remove blocks and stumbles.

Check in with yourself; are there any doubts and uncertainties relating to the flow of money? The capacity to do the work when it really takes off? Do you feel supported from your nearest and dearest in this?

If in any doubt, get these areas looked into, just in case there is also a bit of self-sabotage or lack of belief creeping in also.

Keep working with the Divine Energetic forces, that they may assist, protect and guide you in everything. Set an intention and surrender any resistance, especially to receiving all that you need.

Wishing you all the best

Sarah xxx

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