Angels of Awakening

Daisy's Healing

Friday 16th to Sunday 18th December 2016
Friday 13th January to Sunday 15th January 2017

Daisy's Healing Weekends are a wonderful opportunity for anyone to come and experience a healing or a workshop with Daisy at her beautiful and tranquil retreat in Glastonbury.

Friday Evening from 7.30pm ~ Angels of Awakening Group Healing ~ Angelic mediation with Daisy accompanied by the Sounds of the Harmony Drum with Paul Foss.

Saturday or Sunday morning from 10am ~ a one day course ~
The Angels of Awakening Heart One of the Ascension Process

Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 2pm ~ Daisy will be available for personal Healing treatments including VortexHealing Divine Energy Healing, Daisy Matrix Golden Pyramid Healing, Angel Oracle Card Readings and Past Life Regression. Bari will be available for Hot Thai Massage, Thai Head Massage, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Angelic Reiki and Atlantis Crystal Healing

Accommodation available with healing
When you book a healing treatment with Daisy Foss or with one of her team of healer friends, you can book a room and come and stay at the Daisy Centre. The price for your night's stay will be 50 per night, or for a premier ensuite room the price will be 60 per person per night. The price for multiple nights, with only one person having a healing session, will be charged at 40 per person per extra night.
You will be able to attend as little or as much as you like ~ these weekends can be tailor-made for you and your group or just come alone and enjoy the experience.
To book your space please contact:

The Angels of Awakening Academy

in association with
Daisy Centre Angelic Healing Retreat
01458 834587 ~ 07970 108156


Winter Solstice Retreat
at the Daisy Centre

Tuesday 20th to Thursday 22nd of December
Solstice is at 10.44 GMT on the 21st

We will be celebrating the 2016 Winter Solstice at the Daisy Centre in Glastonbury with a Winter Solstice Retreat. Connecting with the Circle of Sound, our Rose Quartz Community and all other groups celebrating that day. We have three events with the Angels of Awakening that deepen your connections to the Divine. Each event includes sacred sound, light language and deep healing.

You can start your retreat with Sunrise on the Tor, take visits to the Abbey, St Margaret's Chapel and Chalice Well. Plus plenty of time for Shopping & Healing Treatments! Join in with as many or as few events as you like!

Tuesday 20th December
7.30pm - 8.30 pm Meditation with Daisy

Wednesday 21st December
10.30 - 11.30am - Meditation with Daisy.
7.30pm - 8.30 pm John of God Solstice Gathering of Angels

Thurs 22nd December
7.30am join us for a walk to the top of the Tor
10.30 to 11.30am - Winter Solstice Ceremony Meditation with Daisy.
2-6 pm ~ Individual Healing sessions with Daisy - Angels of Awakening Initiation, Daisy Matrix Golden Pyramid Healing, Vortex Healing Divine Energy Healing
2-6 pm ~ Individual Healing sessions with Bari - Thai Hot Compress Massage, Atlantis Crystal Healing plus many more

If you'd like to attend the retreat please see our Room Rates or phone 01458 834587 to book. Whilst here you can book a healing treatment with Daisy Foss or with one of her team of healer friends. The price for your night's stay will be 80 or 90 for a premier ensuite room for two. For single travellers it is 50 per night for a standard room, or 60 per person per night in the premier rooms midweek.

To book your space please contact: Angels of Awakening Academy at the
Daisy Centre Angelic Healing Retreat.01458 834587 ~ 07970 108156


The Soul Train™

A Weekend Healing Retreat
For Individuals Whose
Twin & Soul Mate Connections

Have Been De-Railed

You know that love that is so deep, it defies logic?

You know that love that pulls you in with its energy, its purity,
its passion, its knowing?

You know that love that comes from no-where, yet it has always been there?

You know that love that hits you so hard in the moment
that your whole world changes course?

You know that love that is intoxicating,
soulfully spellbinding and respectfully resonating?

You know that love when you become immersed,
entangled, intertwined, 'as one.?'


You barely recognise yourself and lose your focus, you can't sleep, you can't eat, you can't function, you can't breathe, and you feel its MAGIC seeping through the depths of every part of your soul

You fall in so fast and so hard that you can't turn back the other way, you know this person inside out, you know what they are feeling, what they are thinking, what they are yet to become

You awaken, a remembrance, a recognition, it reaches straight into the heart of you and you know that this person is different, special, they may not see it yet, but you do

You know their essence, you see their blocks, you dream about them, you communicate without words, without barriers, without veils of what stands in front of their soul, you just know

You adore them and their potential, you see their gifts, you honour their beauty, you know them more than they know themselves, and you feel total unconditional love for them

You are consumed with the magic, the mystery, the connection, you feel them, you hear them, you see them, you know them, you begin to imagine a life together

You feel that you have found your twin, your soul mate, the one, you are captivated in this enduring grace of connection

You have never felt like this about anyone ever in your life, to love another at this level opens doorways to your heart and stirs your soul

And then...suddenly it shifts

They trigger you, they challenge you, they push you, they pull you, they leave, you leave, they run, you run, they shut you out, you shut them out, and you don't understand why, you chase, you hope, you beg, plead, they show up, you cross paths, they turn away, you stay, you walk away, they disrespect you, you disrespect them, you question, you cry, you hurt, you abandon them, they abandon you, you abandon you!

You barely recognise yourself and lose your focus, you can't sleep, you can't eat, you can't function, you can't breathe, and you feel its PAIN seeping through the depth of every part of your soul

You separate.....You fall into a pit of despair, no-one understands, no-one feels your hurt, no-one gets it, you feel lost, left, abandoned, you feel torn, you love them, you hate them, you can't think, you can't pull yourself together

Did they feel the same? You search the depths of soul, was this real? Was this love? Was this right? Was this wrong? Who are they? Who am I?

You torture yourself by pulling yourself apart, by questioning this feeling, the separation is a grief and a searing pain that can only be described as unbearable

You don't want to be here anymore, you can't move on, you can't get over it, you ask and ask for help, for guidance, for insight, you reach out for clarity, you try to cut the cords, to break links, to push it away, to heal it, but it just won't shift
You think your crazy, your friends think your crazy, how can someone have this much of an affect upon you?

You need help and you feel that the only person who can remedy you is your twin, but they do not see you, they do not want to engage, they blame you, you blame, they run away, they do not feel your love, they are scared, you are scared, so you are left ....

You shut yourself away, then you go to the healers, the psychics, the doctors, the oracles, you read the articles, you talk to the therapists, you look at the books, you desperately search for the answers....who do you turn too?

The Soul Train is here to help...

You may never be the same after meeting your primary / twin soul and this definitely does not happen to everyone, as there are some beautiful twin souls who are together. However, if it does not work out we are here to say that there is hope, huge opportunity for growth, for understanding, for awareness, you can begin to recover and receive the many beautiful gifts these kind of relationships bring to your life....

'The re-union & separation from your soul mate or twin soul often creates an opportunity for a re-union & re-connection with yourself'

And this is the very reason why we are holding this unique retreat, to heal and help those who are struggling to get back on track, to understand and to work through all of these myriad of emotions and thoughts you experience through this process

We're The Soul Train Coaches™,
who have journeyed through our own tunnels of soul mate despair.

No, we're not a 'couple', but we do feel we have been brought together to empower your soul mate healing journey....

The next Soul Train Retreat™ boards on March 4th-5th 2017 &
the ticket office is now open below to book your space.

Coaches:- David Wetton - Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Counsellor
Lynette Fryer - Multi-dimensional Energy Field / Soul Healer, Therapist
Telephone:- +44 (0)794 1097 541 - David / +44 (0)7976 139 681 - Lynette


The Andes of Peru - giving birth to a whole new spiritual culture

The Peaks of the Himalayas have been home for the most significant spiritual cultures of the east like Hinduism, Buddhism and countless other traditions and countless saints have been living and walking in the majestic peaks of the Himalayas. It is from here that Yoga and Meditation have been spread all over the world.

It seems like the shift of energies and the process of awakening that is taking place all over the world is bringing forth a whole new spiritual culture but this time in a very different part of the world.

In the Andes of South America and especially in Peru we are witnessing the arising of a new mystical culture that is blending the wisdom of the east with the ancient shamanic cultures of South America.

Millions of conscious beings from all over the world are being drawn to the Andes of Peru, especially to the ancient power places of the Inca and many decide to stay. Many thousands of foreigners settled in the mountains especially around Cusco, the ancient capital of the andes and are sharing their gifts that they collected all over the world.
Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Reiki, Healing techniques from all over the world are being shared and are mixed with the ancient culture and spiritual tradition of the Andes that is based on shamanism and working with the elements. The Andes and its traditions are providing a very fertile soil for the seeds of enlightenment that are brought here from the far away Himalayas. Yoga has become very common and there are even regular silent meditation retreats held at Lake Titicaca (

The locals which are mostly indigenous people are welcoming the foreigners and their spiritual gifts and seem to recognize the value they bring to this already very blessed society. One of the centers of this development is the little town of Pisac that is located only 45 min from Cusco at the base of an ancient Incan city of Intihuatana that is often described as being equally powerful as Machu Pichu. Here has developed a whole spiritual community within the town where people from all over the world are coming together.

It seems like many of the prophecies about the Sacred Valley of The Incas which is the official name of this place are finally coming true and are giving birth to a whole new spiritual culture, based on Love, Compassion and the understanding that we are all sharing and co-creating our world.

Lakshman Stephan

Meditation Retreat Peru


Phuket - Pen Villa

A wonderful Colonial boutique hotel where the staff are really caring and friendly and go out of their way to make sure you have a lovely time.

Pen Villa is family owned, and run by a Thai lady called Winnie and Peter who is Australian. It is situated about tens minutes walk from the Surin beach. It has 20 spacious rooms all overlooking the lovely swimming pool which is surrounded by palm trees and colourful bouganvillia bushes! It is a true oasis.

Winnie the chef delights in providing the culinary needs of her guests. All food is fresh, she goes to the market every day to buy fresh meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. no GM I am delighted to say, all ingredients cooked to order, which may mean one has to wait a little while, but it is worth the wait. For me most mornings she made what she calls her Eternity Soup/shake, made with raw vegetables, a little fruit and with herbs from the jungle, and of of course lots of love. It is different everyday, always delicious, detoxing and healthy. The service is flexible. She welcomes those who wish to eat the healthy food that they desire, therefore nourishing their body.

With the lovely sunny weather, the balmy evenings and the friendly atmosphere created in this welcoming hotel, it is a wonderful place to stay and relax as a group or on your own. We were very blessed to stay for 6 weeks and enjoyed every moment of it.

An added bonus is that amongst the tourist shops selling very nice inexpensive summer clothes, are individual designer shops selling gorgeous clothes.

Typical of Thailand there are many small cafe which look rather makeshift but serve good Thai food. There are several excellent Italian restaurants and large modern hotels which are lovely to visit, including the Amanpuri which I believe is rated one of the best hotels in the world, it certainly is fabulous, but for me, and those interested in staying in a smaller place with a lovely peaceful atmosphere, and kind individual attention Pen Villa is the place to stay, a home from home where the rooms are inexpensive as is the delicious food, not forgetting the nearby long beach of Surin, with its white sand and beautiful blue sea.